Ureteral Obstruction

Malignant ureteral obstruction is not rare among cancer patients, with a cumulative incidence of 4.4 % in advanced cases (Coleman and Walther 2005). While pel vic genitourinary malignancies such as ovarian, cervical, bladder, and prostate cancer (PCa) are the most common causes of malignant ureteral obstruction (70 %), retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy secondary to lymphoma, and germ cell cancer are not uncommon (Holden et al. 1979). Obstruction may result from intramural tumor growth, extramural compression, or from retroperitoneal fibrosis secondary to cancer treatment (Montana and Fowler 1989). Approximately 2.5 % of women who undergo definitive radiation treatment for cervical cancer will develop ureteral obstruction (McIntyre et al. 1995).

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