Neuromuscular and Cutaneous Syndromes

The idiopathic inflammatory myopathies are systemic autoimmune diseases characterized by chronic inflammation leading to progressive weakness of the proximal muscles. In 7 % - 66 % of cases of adult dermatomyositis, different malignant tumors can promote the difficult cascade mechanisms at the cell level, leading to rapid weakness of skeletal muscles (Mooney et al. 2006). A case with all characteristic signs of acute, se-

vere dermatomyositis associated with a low-grade, low-stage prostate cancer was reportedly cured by radical perineal prostatectomy (Tallai et al. 2006).

Only a few cases of prostate cancer associated with dermatomyositis have been reported, all of which had advanced disease (Subramonian 2000; Joseph et al. 2002). In one case, the diagnosis was made at autopsy and in the two other cases presented with bladder outflow obstruction and skin lesions.

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