Get Rid Of Tiredness and Sleep Less

Get Rid Of Tiredness and Sleep Less

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Behaviorally induced insufficient sleep

Although insufficient sleep might be expected to lead to frank EDS, a constellation of other subjective complaints are more commonly seen, including tiredness, lack of energy, or fatigue. Decrements in attention, learning capacity, short-term memory, and psychomotor performance, with or without EDS, also may be present. Moreover, irritability, poor impulse control, or other forms of mood instability may exist alone or in combination with these features in individuals with insufficient sleep. While it is obvious that complete sleep deprivation compromises performance and well-being, until the last decade an erroneous belief has persisted that people adapt to chronic sleep loss without significant compromise. This is being challenged by a rapidly expanding literature suggesting a wide range of adverse medical, cognitive, and socioeconomic effects of sleep loss and untreated sleep disorders 21 . The effects of chronically restricted sleep are often insidious and may be unrecognized by...

Treatment of narcolepsy

While modafinil and traditional stimulants can ameliorate EDS, these agents impart no beneficial impact on cataplexy. However, drugs other than sodium oxybate can be used effectively to treat cata-plexy. While not rigorously studied in controlled trials, agents which exhibit affinity for CNS norepinephrine receptors have been in common use for decades as anticataplectic agents. Specifically, tricyclic anti-depressants, mixed serotonin-norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitors, and more selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors with parent compound or active metabolite affinity for noradrenergic receptors (e.g. fluoxetine) can be effective in the treatment of cata-plexy. Frequently patients with narcolepsy experience EDS many months in advance of the development of cataplexy. At this early stage of disease development the patient may present to a physician with a complaint of tiredness coupled with diminished motivation and reduced energy and therefore be misdiagnosed with an atypical form of...

Psychiatric disorders

While it is true that tiredness, fatigue, and or lack of energy are reported by a majority of patients with major depression, evaluation of EDS with subjective rating scales and objective measures suggests that frank sleepiness or a high sleep propensity may be less common than the complaint of fatigue or lack of energy 79 . Only a few studies have evaluated objective measures of sleepiness, such as the MSLT, in depression. These produce somewhat conflicting results, but overall suggest that most patients with depression maintain a normal level of daytime alertness and sleep propensity on MSLT 80 . Decreased sleep latency, shortened REM latency, and increased REM percentages are reported on overnight polysom-nography in both sleep-deprived, non-depressed patients and suicidal patients 81,82 . Other studies suggest that insomnia, but not sleepiness or fatigue, correlates with thoughts of suicide, plans for suicide, or attempted suicide 83-85 .

Management of puerperium

Minor problems tiredness, backache, constipation, piles, headache. Intermediate perineal pain, breast problems, tearfulness depression. Major hypertension, vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, stitch breakdown, voiding difficulties incontinence, urinary infection, side effects of epidural. Minor problems tiredness, backache, constipation, piles, headache. Intermediate perineal pain, breast problems, tearfulness depression. Major hypertension, vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, stitch breakdown, voiding difficulties incontinence, urinary infection, side effects of epidural.

Excessive sleepiness ES history of the chief complaint

Somnolence Medical History

Sleepiness, the tendency to fall asleep, is a normal phenomenon when it occurs at the desired time of the day. ES is the tendency to fall asleep at inappropriate times or settings 4 . ES should be distinguished from fatigue, which is classically defined as the inability to sustain performance over time and is typically associated with subjective reports of tiredness,

Testing For Autoimmune Diseases

In celiac disease, eating foods containing gluten (that is, those derived from wheat, oats, rye, and barley) cause an autoimmune damage to the wall of the small bowel. This damage leads to diarrhea, abdominal pain, tiredness, problems absorbing vitamins such as vitamin B12, poor weight gain, and decreased growth. It can also affect the absorption of carbohydrates, causing hypoglycemia. The treatment is a gluten-free diet. Screening for celiac disease is done when a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is made, and then again if the child has problems such as growth failure or weight loss or gastrointestinal problems. The blood test that is done is called tissue transglutaminase IgA autoantibody. If the blood test is positive, then your child will need to see a gastroenterologist, who may do a small bowel biopsy to confirm the

Symmetrical Neuropathies

Diabetic neuropathic pain is characteristically more severe at night, and often prevents sleep (18,19). Some patients may be in a constant state of tiredness because of sleep deprivation (18,19). Others are unable to maintain full employment (18-21). Severe painful neuropathy can occasionally cause marked reduction in exercise threshold thus interfere with daily activities (20). This is particularly the case when there is an associated disabling, severe postural hypotension because of autonomic involvement (9). Not surprisingly therefore, depressive, symptoms are not uncommon (21). Although, subclinical autonomic neuropathy is commonly found in patients with distal symmetrical neuropathy (22), symptomatic autonomic neuropathy is uncommon.

Daytime symptoms

Including feeling depressed, hopeless, helpless, worried, tense, anxious, irritable, lonely, and lacking in self-confidence, than control subjects 14 . Individuals with insomnia also report feeling tired, physically fatigued, anergic, and unmotivated. They also report cognitive difficulties such as memory impairment, difficulty with focus and attention, and mental slowing. Interestingly, these subjective complaints are evident on objective testing, as impaired psychomotor performance (reaction time) has recently been demonstrated in insomniacs 12 . Insomniacs can also report impairments in coping, accomplishing tasks, and in family and social relationships and occupational function 15 .


Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), hypersomno-lence, or pathological sleepiness is a complaint of increased sleep propensity occurring at inappropriate times that adversely affects vigilance, performance, and daytime function. Psychiatric, medical, or primary sleep disorders and medications can all produce complaints of EDS or fatigue. Insufficient sleep is by far the most common cause of EDS in the general population. Fatigue will not be addressed specifically in this chapter as it is a broader symptom relating to a variety of conditions of tiredness or mental or physical exhaustion and is often independent of sleepiness. This chapter summarizes the clinical presentation, diagnostic criteria, and initial treatment options for the specific subtype of EDS known as hypersomnias of central origin.

Travellers Ease

Been a belief at one time that putting the leaves inside a boot would stop tiredness on a journey, but the only belief that has come down is from New Forest gypsies, who put a sprig of tansy inside the boot to prevent the onset of ague. GOOSE-GRASS is called Traveller's Comfort sometimes, perhaps because it was traditionally used to soothe wounds and ulcers.


Louis encephalitis also has a higher rate of complications, typically in elderly people. There are mild and subjective consequences (tiredness, forgetfulness, weakness of concentration, defects of speech), but also dangerous complications such as convulsions, paralysis,


The signs and symptoms of early deficiencies are nonspecific, including tiredness and features of any underlying cause (Table 29.1). Aside from anaemia, folate and B12 deficiency are linked to neural tube defects 4,5 . The effect of iron deficiency (before anaemia) on maternal and fetal well-being is not fully understood, but mild deficiency is linked to increased delivery bleeding, poor fetal iron stores and an increased placenta fetus weight ratio 6 . Severe maternal iron deficiency is associated with premature delivery and low birthweight 1 , although this may relate to the underlying cause. Most subjects with folate deficiency are identified incidentally due to a raised red cell Mean Cell Volume (MCV), but folate deficiency

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