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Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

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Clinical Application Questions

An obese, middle-aged, diabetic woman presents with a complaint of worsening stretch marks over the past year. She gives a history of marginal blood pressure readings in the past, but has never been on medication for hypertension. Exam reveals numerous wide purple-red stria beneath the breasts, in the folds of her panniculus, and on the proximal thighs just distal to the inguinal creases.

Clinical manifestation

Skin findings striae hyper extensible skin elastosis perforans serpiginosa high, arched palate poor wound healing Skeletal findings joint hypermobility pec-tus excavatum scoliosis long arms and legs Ocular findings ectopic lens early cataracts Cardiopulmonary findings aortic root dilatation and dissection aortic valve prolapse spontaneous pneumothorax Neurologic findings dura ectasia

Examination and investigation of patients with PCOS and secondary amenorrhoea

One should be aware of the possibility of Cushing's syndrome in women with stigmata of the PCOS and obesity as it is a disease of insidious onset and dire consequences additional clues are the presence of central obesity, moon face, plethoric complexion, buffalo hump, proximal myopathy, thin skin, bruising and abdominal striae (which alone are a common finding in obese individuals). Acanthosis nigricans is a sign of profound insulin resistance and is usually visible as hyperpigmented thickening of the skin folds of the axilla and neck it is associated with PCOS and obesity (Fig. 39.1).

Dermatologic Physical Exam

Drawing Dermatology Lesions

Macrodistribution Striae of puberty occur on the thighs and lumbosacral regions in boys. In girls, they occur on the thighs, buttocks, breasts, and upper posterior calves (see Figs. 9,10). Striae of pregnancy are distributed over the lateral abdomen, hips, thighs, and breasts (see Fig. 11). Striae secondary to prolonged lifting or stretching during exercise Figure 9 Macrodistribution of striae of puberty in boys. Figure 9 Macrodistribution of striae of puberty in boys. Figure 10 Macrodistribution of striae of puberty in girls. Figure 10 Macrodistribution of striae of puberty in girls. are common over the lower back and are perpendicular to the gluteal cleft (see Fig. 12, Photo 50). Striae of endocrinopathy or from systemic corticoids involve similar areas but are usually individually longer, wider, and more extensive (see Photo 51). Striae induced by potent topical steroids or occlusive therapy are local at the site of application, and may be asymmetric (see Photo 52). Parallel linear...

Clinical Manifestations

Prior to the availability of genetic screening, patients with MEN-2 presented clinically with MTC as a thyroid nodule or cervical lymphadenopathy. Cervical lymph node involvement included the central and lateral compartments, with lung, liver, and bone as the primary sites of distant metastases (29). Individuals also presented with a secretory diarrhea related to a humoral factor or symptoms of Cushing's syndrome (weight gain, abdominal striae, amenorrhea, and easy bruising) secondary to ACTH secretion by MTC (usually seen in sporadic MTC). MTC is the only thyroid cancer that may present with symptomatic diarrhea, especially sporadic MTC. Since genetic testing is now available, affected individuals with MEN-2 have surgery prior to clinically relevant MTC and rarely have lymph node or distant metastases. In individuals who are the index case (previous diagnosed family member), the serum calcitonin level correlates with tumor load and is almost always elevated in patients with a...


Examination of mature enamel requires the employment of ground sections. In transmitted light, incremental lines can be seen in the enamel lying more or less parallel to the crown surface and the dentino-enamel junction, the so-called striae of Retzius. In reflected light, alternating light and dark bands that run perpendicular to the dentino-enamel junction can be observed. These so-called Hunter-Schreger bands are an optical phenomenon caused by different directions of the rods that form the building stones of the enamel (Fig. 2.6). These rods have on transverse Fig. 2.6 Ground section of a tooth to illustrate in the enamel the presence of the striae of Retzius running parallel to the enamel surface and the alternating light and dark Hunter-Schreger bands running perpendicular to the dentin-enamel junction Fig. 2.6 Ground section of a tooth to illustrate in the enamel the presence of the striae of Retzius running parallel to the enamel surface and the alternating light and dark...

Specific History

Striae occur in 35 to 40 of pubescent boys and 70 of pubescent girls, with a peak incidence about age 16 years. They occur more readily in patients with a history of rapid weight gain, and adolescents seem more prone to develop lesions associated with physical exercise and corticosteroid exposure. Striae gravidarum develop to some extent in up to 90 of pregnant women during mid and late gestation, and are considered physiologic. Striae associated with topical steroid usage usually occur at application sites, and may occur within weeks of initiation in susceptible persons. These may occur at any age. Striae associated with adrenal cortical hyperactivity occur at whatever age the process becomes clinically active. Early lesions may be edematous and irritable, but the central area quickly becomes depressed and is initially pink, bright red, or red-blue in color. Striae develop in parallel rows perpendicular to the direction of stretch or stress. Most lesions are 1 cm or less in width...


Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. Erythematous papules and plaques on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, with accentuation in striae Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. Erythematous papules and plaques on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, with accentuation in striae



Women with hyperextensible joints will also have additional pelvic fascia stretchiness which may be manifested in the development of uterovaginal prolapse at an earlier age. Such women often excel at sports requiring increased joint elasticity (such as gymnastics) and they develop fewer striae gravidarum during pregnancy because of increased skin elasticity. Labour may be rapid because of reduced obstruction from the pelvic floor fascia. Extreme forms of this are seen in Ehrlers Danos syndrome but much more commonly seen are milder forms (see picture of joint hyperextension). It is important for gynaecologists to recognize women who have such problems because their treatment may need to be different. Recurrence after surgery is more likely and use of prosthetic support materials may be advisable (see Fig. 48.1). Some forms of collagen disorder are also associated with clotting problems.

External Injuries

During the early years of motoring, forensic experts had already addressed the injuries characteristic of the recumbent body being run over. However, regular tire imprints on the victim's body are rarely observed and occur only at low speeds (e.g., when the victim is run over by a vehicle that is backing up). Contrary to popular belief, the most common traces found only resemble tire marks or are completely noncharacteristic (Fig. 2). The parallel, concentrated striae-like skin ruptures resulting from excessive pressure may also indicate the rolling of the victim's body by the wheel (Fig. 3). However, these signs are not specific for runover cases and are also likely to be caused by hitting the pedestrian in the standing position, because the rapid movement of the lower extremities may lead to similar skin tensions and ruptures, especially in groin region (3,8,9). Fig. 3. Striae-like skin ruptures. Fig. 3. Striae-like skin ruptures.