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The Scabies 24-Hour Natural Remedy Report by Joe Barton reveals a simple, natural and effective solution for scabies. Its how to quickly not to mention kill the scabies mites without expensive and infrequently dangerous medication. The Scabies 24-Hour Natural Remedy Report also included a step-by-step guide you can follow to immediately squelch any itching and redness. This Scabies Remedy Report provides you with essential information on how to know if you have scabies and how to quickly and naturally kill the scabies mites without expensive and dangerous medication all in just 24 hours. You also get to know how to kill scabies mites and protect yourself and your family members with loved ones from any future possible attacks of scabies. Beyond the fact that the report contains such specific and useful information, including how to prevent scabies from coming back, I really like the fact that all of the main sections in the book are clickable. That means you dont have to spend a bunch of time searching for the information you need. Read more...

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Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the excitement was about.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Medicinal Annonaceae

Foglie Astratte

Abortion and childbirth since very early times. The leaves of Goniothalamus macrophyl-lus Hook. f. & Thoms. are used to abrogate fever, and a decoction of the roots is given as a postpartum remedy and to cause abortion. The roots of Goniothalamus giganteus Hook. f. & Thoms. (Fig. 102) are used to abort and treat colds, and the heated leaves are applied to swellings. A decoction of Goniothalamus scortechinii King is given as a postpartum protective remedy. The roots of Goniothalamus tapis Miq. (Fig. 103) are used as an abortifacient during early months of pregnancy. In Indonesia, an infusion of the roots is used to treat typhoid fever. In Taiwan, the seeds of Goniothalamus amuyon Merr. are used to treat scabies. In the Philippines, the seeds are used to treat rheumatism and tympanites, and the fruit is stomachic. None of the uses mentioned here has been substantiated yet via pharmacological experimentation however, these species are well-known for their phytochemical constituents, as...

Inflammatory And Immune Responses

Dovid Scharf

After a person has been bitten by a parasitic acarine, a red (or erythematous) swollen (i.e., edema), and irritated (i.e., painful) lesion may develop at the bite site. These symptoms may be the result of a localized innate inflammatory reaction and not an adaptive immune reaction. In an inflammatory reaction, components of the saliva and body secretions of mites that feed from the skin surface or in tissue (e.g., follicle or scabies mites) cause cells of the skin (epidermis and dermis) such as ker-atinocytes, fibroblasts, and antigen-presenting cells (Langerhans, macrophages, natural killer cells) to release an array of chemical mediators (cytokines, kinins, and others). These Chiggers are the parasitic larval stage of prostigmatid mites that belong to the family Trombiculidae (Fig. 1). Chiggers are also known as harvest bugs in Europe and scrub-itch mites in Asia and Australia. Trombiculid mites are prevalent in moist, warm temperate climates and in tropical climates worldwide....

Chiggers and Other Disease Causing Mites

The parasitic Acari of vertebrates are physiologically dependent on their host and must obtain nourishment from tissue fluids, blood, and cytoplasm from the host to survive, complete the life cycle, and reproduce. Thus, these are obligate parasites. Some species are temporary parasites (e.g., ticks), which visit and feed on the host intermittently. In contrast, other species of parasitic Acari (e.g., scabies and follicle mites) are permanently associated with the host and perish if they become separated from the host. For some species, only one life stage in the life cycle is a parasite (e.g., chiggers), whereas for other species each life stage must feed from a vertebrate host to complete the life cycle (e.g., scabies mites and ticks). There is usually an intimate interrelationship between acarine parasites and their hosts. Specific host factors, such as carbon dioxide, body odor, and temperature, allow the parasite to locate a host. For example, scabies mites are attracted to the...

Microdistribution None

Figurines Desnudos

Figure 11 Macrodistribution of primary scabies lesion in adults. Figure 11 Macrodistribution of primary scabies lesion in adults. The definitive lab test for scabies is an ectoparasite examination. This is performed by identifying and scraping the distal vesicular end of one or several burrows, smearing the material on a microscope slide, and examining the specimen after adding a drop of 10 KOH or mineral oil. A positive smear will show an adult mite or mite ova, both of which are definitive (see Photo 45). Sometimes only the scybala or mite fecal balls are seen these also support the diagnosis. Permethrin in the form of a 5 cream formulation is currently the agent of choice in the treatment of scabies. For a typical case, it is applied from the neck down to all exter- Figure 12 Macrodistribution of primary scabies lesions in adults. Figure 12 Macrodistribution of primary scabies lesions in adults. nal surfaces. You may have patients leave it on overnight and then shower it off. The...

Conditions That May Simulate Atopic Dermatitis

Scabies Infantile or childhood atopic dermatitis with widespread papular morphology and excoriations is very similar in appearance to the papules and vesicular lesions of advanced scabies. In addition, the two diseases may coexist. It is fairly common for an atopic patient to acutely deteriorate during a concomitant scabies and or bacterial infection. The practitioner must maintain a high index of suspicion. Family and contact history are helpful, and a scraping for ectoparasites should be obtained from several sites if there is any question.

Medicinal Hamamelidaceae

In the Asia-Pacific region, Altingia excelsa Noronha (Liquidambar altingiana Bl.), Altin-gia gracilipes Hemsl. (Amyris ambrosiaca L.f.), Liquidambar orientalis Mill, and Liquidambar formosana Hance are of medicinal value. The purified basalm obtained from the trunk of Liquidambar orientalis Mill. or prepared storax (British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1969) has been used similarly as Peru basalm in the form of an ointment to treat scabies and other skin diseases, and as an ingredient of Compound Benzoin Tincture. Altingia excelsa Noronha (Liquidambar altingiana Bl.), or xi qing pi (Chinese), is a tree that grows to a height of 20 m tall in a geographical area ranging from India, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, and Indonesia. Leaves are simple, alternate, and stipulate the stipules are 2-6 mm long. The petiole is slender and sparsely pubescent. The blades are aromatic with a turpentine-like aroma, ovate, 8-14 cm X 3.8-7 cm, crenate,

Differential diagnosis

Atopic dermatitis dermatitis herpeti-formis pityriasis lichenoides lichen pla-nus insect bite reaction contact dermatitis psoriasis ecthyma impetigo xerotic eczema transient acantholytic dermatosis linear IgA bullous dermatosis seborrheic dermatitis erythroderma from other causes such as Sezary syndrome and pemphigus foliaceus Langerhans cell histiocy-tosis fiberglass dermatitis dyshidrotic eczema pityriasis rosea animal scabies pediculosis delusions of parasitosis metabolic pruritus

Clinical Application Questions

A 16-year-old female comes to your office complaining of a pruritic generalized eruption of gradually increasing intensity over the prior 4 months. The pruritus now frequently awakens her during the night. You suspect a scabies infestation. 2. What primary lesions should you look for on physical examination that support a diagnosis of scabies 3. What is the typical distribution of scabies in an adolescent female 4. How should you establish the diagnosis of scabies

Ceylon Leadwort

(Plumbago zeylanica) It is popular throughout Africa as a remedy for parasitic skin diseases, especially leprosy it is also used as a root decoction to treat scabies and ulcers (Sofowora). It is used in the Philippines as an abortifacient (Watt & Breyer-Brandwijk), but this is just as toxic as its relative, P indica. The sliced root and leaves are acrid enough to produce blisters, deliberately done sometimes. That acrid juice was the means of tattooing among some of the southern African peoples like the Gwembe Tonga.


The name ensures wonders in medical treatment, but there are genuine usages, too. A Cornish cold cure requires that elder flowers and angelica leaves be steeped in boiling water for ten minutes, strained and sweetened to taste (Deane & Shaw), while a good gargle for a sore throat can be made with an infusion of the leaves and stems (Conway). An ointment made from the roots can soothe rheumatic pains and skin disorders, a use that was already known in medieval times, as the following prescription from the Welsh text known as the Physicians of Myddfai shows for scabies. Take the roots of archangel, boil well, and boil a portion of garlic in another water. Take a good draught of the decoction, and wash your whole body therewith every morning. Boil the residue of the archangel and garlic in unsalted butter, make into an ointment and anoint your whole body therewith for nine mornings .

White Hellebore

Medicinally speaking, this is an emetic, and drastic purgative, rarely used internally (Fluckiger & Hanbury). Gerard spoke of this strong medicine ought not to be given inwardly into delicate bodies without great correction, but it may be more safely given unto countrey people which feed grossly, and have had tough and strong bodies . Lindley, though, seemed to be recommending it for a variety of ills, melancholia, mania, epilepsy, herpes, gout, chronic affections of the brain . It was occasionally used in the form of an ointment to treat scabies (Fluckiger & Hanbury). The itch . mix Powder of white Hellebore with Cream for three days It seldom fails (Wesley). Gerard had already quoted Pliny, that it is a medicine against the Lowsie evill . They were quite right - the powder is highly toxic to fleas and lice (Fl ck). In Russian folk medicine, it is said that the infusion would stop hiccuping immediately (Kourennoff). Of course, the doses would have to be very small.

Specific History

Human scabies is an infestation caused by an organism named Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis, an obligate human parasite. The disease is most common in schoolchildren and young adults, but may be seen in all age groups and is also common in nursing home settings. Within family units, it is not unusual for the presenting case to be quite removed from the index case that brought the disease into the family. History of overnight house guests, school contacts, or close friends with symptoms is important, especially when one cannot obtain firm laboratory confirmation. Cases seen from skilled care facilities should trigger an investigation into other patients or staff with pruritus or dermatitis. When seeking this history, remember that the exposure occurred at least 1 month prior to the time the patient became symptomatic. Initial symptoms consist of discrete lesions, often on the wrists and hands, but these are frequently overlooked. Progressive pruritus, which interrupts sleep and normal...


Scald, or Scaldweed, were names given to it in Cambridgeshire (Grigson. 1955). In this context, scald means scab, or scabies, but it is not clear whether it was thought dodder caused the itch, or whether it relieved it. Perhaps, in the principles of homeopathic magic, both could apply.

Marsh Rosemary

(Ledum palustre) It used to be employed as an anti-parasitic to treat lice, scabies, etc. It is also a traditional abortifacient (Schauenberg & Paris). It is certainly narcotic enough to cause trance, or at least deep sleep. There seems to have been a custom among Finns, on the eve of a wedding, of plying the groom with beer containing Marsh Rosemary, enough of it to cause him to fall into a deep sleep, during which the bride took the opportunity to crawl between his legs. Apparently, this was done as a means of ensuring easy childbirth when the time came (J B Smith). The groom was naturally unaware of what was happening, and the custom sounds very like a transference ritual, an attempt to foist the pains of childbirth on to the father. Siberian shamans used the plant to induce a trance state. It was done by inhaling the smoke of this shrub, or some other resinous plant. Some dried stalks or leaves would be put on some glowing embers on an iron plate, and the shaman would bend over...

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