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About The Creator

This program was created by Stephen Jones. The 52year old from Montana used to be very overweight and sad until he discovered the secret recipe which he wants to share with you.
Here's his story. Right from when he was 16, he had always weighed over 200 lbs. He thought this was natural because most men in his family were big. But then, one day his doctor told him that there was an 85% chance he'd have a heart attack by 65 because his cholesterol level was almost four times more than it should have been. To matters worse, he was ridiculed at his work place. His co-workers at a call center broke into his locker and loaded it up with fast food garbage, candy wrappers, soda bottles, and empty ice cream cartons. They even put a pig stuffed animal in there, with a piece of tape stuck to his belly that read "Stephen."

When he opened his locker that night, everything came pouring out. He tried to laugh it off, but it was clear that he was embarrassed. His face went flush. He could feel beads of sweat dripping off his forehead, and honestly, he wanted to cry. So he decided right then and there that he wasn't going to ignore or make light of his size anymore or continue getting bigger and flabbier. He promised himself that he was going to get in shape and shock everyone as he did it.
He tried hitting the gym and cutting out some foods from his diet, but it didn't work. Instead, he gained 2lbs. He had to look for another way to lose weight. With the thousands of weight loss books out there and millions of websites giving you hair-brained schemes on how to lose weight, he knew that he'd have to dig deeper if he ever wanted to find anything real and effective.

So, he decided to only look for recent weight loss studies on university websites. He was searching for something that couldn't be twisted around by the media or some sort of company that only cares about profit. Out of all the studies done by the fancy schools like Harvard and Princeton, there was one publication by Oregon State University that showed a glimmer of hope. The title was boring, he didn't even understand what the title meant: "Ellagic acid modulates lipid accumulation in primary human adipocytes". However, the "Ellagic acid" caught his eye and he wondered what it was. Although all of the science-talk in the publication was a little confusing, he kept reading and re-reading, until he discovered something pretty breath-taking.
He discovered that this mysterious little thing, called Ellagic acid, was believed to slow the growth of existing fat cells and stop the formation of new fat cells. He decided to give it a try by eating more foods with Ellagic acid. After doing this for some time, he began to lose weight. He went from feeling tired and cranky to feeling energetic and happy.
These days, he wakes up with energy and can tackle anything. He even plays basketball with his 9-year-old grandson on weekends. Also, the doctor says his risk for every worrisome disease, even those that run in his family, like heart disease, is non-existent.

Now here's the interesting part. He has lost all this weight while eating bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast every day. He even snacks on Oreos, his favorite cookies. Also, he never walked into a gym or touched a treadmill.
Now he has compiled all his secret recipes and packaged them into a program to help you lose weight, avoid every worrisome disease and regain happiness.

About The Program

This diet-free and drug-free weight loss secret can change every square inch of your body for the better, inside and out. You won't need to swallow any pill or drop a single bead of sweat.
Also, because it is so simple and powerful, this secret is proven to shed weight for people of any age, with any genetic background, and any medical history.
To date, more than 94,482 people, ranging in age from 17 to 91, from all over the United States have tapped into this "red wine secret" to lose a total of over 1 million hard-to-shed pounds effortlessly.
This Ellagic acid slows the growth of existing fat cells and stops the formation of new fat cells. Scientists believe that Ellagic acid reduces inflammation inside your body while helping your body to release more fat burning hormones. It also helps the body naturally produce a hormone called adiponectin, which speeds up metabolism and decreases your appetite. Scientists suggest all this means it could be much easier to ellagic acid to burn fat, reverse fatty liver and stop insulin resistance.
The program contains a specific plan on how you can incorporate these foods into your diet. It also comes with a 30-day meal guide to help you know exactly what to eat when to eat it. This meal plan is the only one where you don't have to cook a thing. Also, you get options for hamburgers, pizza, pasta alfredo, and ice cream.
The meal plan in this program is merely a suggestion to get you on the right track, you don't have to stick to it like glue. All you have to do is make sure you follow the easy, step-by-step directions for how to combine the Ellagic acid foods to your everyday meals, so that your fat cells shrink, new fat cells not forming, and your metabolism turns into overdrive.

Benefits Of The Program

With this program, you might never have to step on the scale with dread again. Also, you'll naturally burn calories up to 550% faster than ever before, without diet or exercise. You can also:
Decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and other weight-related degenerative illnesses.
Restore your vital organs, like your heart, liver, pancreas, and brain to their healthy functioning states.
If you follow the easy steps you find inside this program and correctly eat the right foods, you'll experience an amazing transformation of your body, your wellbeing, your health, and your confidence. Also, you'll sleep comfortably at night, knowing you are in peak health and will continue to be for decades.
Weight Melter won't only help you lose weight and be in good shape, but it could even potentially reverse the most common and dangerous illnesses that come with aging, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. This program gives you not just extra years of life, but fun, vibrant years for you to enjoy with your family and friends.
Your path to this amazing new life begins today, this very moment. You have the rare opportunity to tap into something proven and legitimate.

Product Format
This program comes in an electronic download format. After you've finished ordering, you'll be given Instant access to the entire Weight Melter program through your private "members only" area of this website.
Also, you'll be able to view all of your materials on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can download them, or print out extra copies to give to your family.

Whom It's For
This program is for people who want to naturally burn calories up to 550% faster than ever before, without diet or exercise.

Weight Melter
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