sake of another, or should it be brought in only for its own sake? In a widely reported case in 2000, a couple selected for implantation an embryo that was found to be a perfect bone marrow match for their child, whose own marrow was failing due to Fanconi anemia.

Testing showed that the embryo did not have the recessive disease and that his marrow would not be rejected by his sister, who needed a transplant. The parents attested to their desire for another child, they refused to give birth prematurely for the sick child's sake and they refused to put the infant in any risk by extracting marrow for transplant. They used only the stem cells from the placenta to begin the repopulation of the older daughter's marrow. The process worked! This case highlights the difficult issues involved, and probably represents the best process and outcome possible in such a case. The future may bring more problematic cases as the technol-stem cell cell capable ogy advances to allow treatment of more conditions through tissue or stem of differencing into Cell transplantation.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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