List of Tables xi

Preface xiii

1 Helping Without Hurting: Personal Responsibility, Constant Questioning, and Basic Assumptions 1

2 Ethics and Critical Thinking 16

3 Trust, Power, and Caring 37

4 Competence and the Human Therapist 45

5 Creating Strategies for Self-Care 57

6 Creating a Professional Will 67

7 Codes and Complaints in Context: Historical,

Empirical, and Actuarial Foundations 75

8 Responding to Ethics, Licensing, or

Malpractice Complaints 102

9 Steps in Ethical Decision Making 110

10 Beginnings and Endings, Absences and Accessibility 117

11 Informed Consent and Informed Refusal 135

12 Assessment, Testing, and Diagnosis 154

13 Sexual Relationships with Clients 173

14 Nonsexual Multiple Relationships and Other

Boundary Issues 201

15 Culture, Context, and Individual Differences 225

16 Confidentiality 241

17 Responding to Suicidal Risk 258

18 The Supervisory Relationship 280


A American Psychological Association Ethical

Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct 295

B Canadian Psychological Association Code of

Ethics for Psychologists 327

C American Psychological Association Committee on Legal Issues: Strategies for Private Practitioners Coping with Subpoenas or Compelled Testimony for Client Records or Test Data 369

D American Psychological Association Statement on

Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet 387

E Patients' Mental Health Rights 389

F Ethical Guidelines for Professional Care in a Managed Care Environment 395

G Ethics Codes, Professional Standards, and Practice Guidelines for Assessment, Therapy, Counseling, and Forensic Practice 401

References 407

About the Authors 437

Name Index 443

Subject Index 451

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