Billing Records Procedures And Instructions

The person whom the professional will designates to take charge will need to know where the billing records are, how to access them (for example, if they are maintained by computer software), who prepares and processes the bills (for example, a billing service, accountant, or office clerical worker), and how pending charges are to be handled.

Some therapists may be both financially able (they have no large outstanding debts and there are adequate funds for their financial dependents) and desirous to forgive part or all of any remaining unpaid bills that were to be paid out of their clients' own pockets by excluding due or overdue payments from insurance companies. Some may wish to provide a session—at the deceased therapist's expense—for each client, during which the clinician serving as executor of the professional will would work with the client to discuss the situation, assess current needs, and explore options for future therapy. The professional will should include explicit instructions about any such wishes.

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