We are deeply indebted to so many people who contributed, directly or indirectly, to this book. We are grateful to all but have space to mention only a few. We would never have obtained the multiyear actuarial data about malpractice suits, licensing board actions, and ethics complaints against psychologists in Canada and the United States without the generous help of the American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics Office staff, including Steve Behnke, executive director, APA Ethics Office; Stanley Jones, former executive director, APA Ethics Office; Debbie Felder, APA Ethics Code revision coordinator; Steve DeMers, executive director, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards; Bruce Bennett, CEO, APA Insurance Trust; John Service, executive director, Canadian Psychological Association (CPA); Daniel Berman, manager of communications, CPA; and Barry Gang, director of investigations and hearings, College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Ray Arsenault, Ursula Delworth, Kate Hays, Gerald Koocher, Lorelei Lawson, Karen Olio, and Janet Sonne are among those who read drafts of the current or previous editions and offered valuable suggestions for improvements.

We asked a number of prominent therapists with expertise in recognizing and responding to suicidal risk to discuss pitfalls of work in this area. Chapter Seventeen presents the advice that each of these experts gives to readers. We thank those who contributed discussions: David Barlow, Marla Craig, Jessica Henderson Daniel, Norman Farberow, the late Erika Fromm, Jesse Geller, Don Hiroto, Larke Nahme Huang, Nadine Kaslow, the late Helen Block Lewis, Marsha Linehan, Ricardo Muñoz, Michael Peck, David Rudd, Gary Schoener, and the late Hans Strupp.

We received exceptionally skillful and generous help from Rebecca McGovern and Xenia Lisanevich of Jossey-Bass Publishers in preparing the first edition; from Alan Rinzler, Katie Levine, Margaret Sebold, Joanne Clapp Fullagar, and Paula Goldstein of Jossey-Bass Publishers and Rachel Anderson of Satellite Publishing Services in preparing the second edition; and from Alan Rinzler, Carol Hartland, Seth Schwartz, and Jennifer Wenzel of Jossey-Bass Publishers, along with Beverly Harrison Miller, in preparing this third edition.

We greatly appreciate the help that each of you provided to this project. Thank you all.

January 2007 Kenneth S. Pope

Norwalk, Connecticut

Melba J. T. Vasquez Austin, Texas

Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling


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