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Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination is used when a couple's inability to conceive a child is caused by the sperm's inability to reach the egg. Sperm must move through the uterus and enter the fallopian tube before they can fertilize the egg. Anything that prevents the sperm from making this trip will block conception. Coital or ejaculatory disorders can limit the sperm's travels, sperm antibodies in the female reproductive tract can kill the sperm, and sperm may be unable to penetrate the cervical mucus.

Management Of Rectal Cancer By Location

The understanding of the importance of preserving an intact mesorectal envelope has led to significant changes in the surgical approach to rectal cancer. Heald and others have developed and promoted the technique of total mesorectal excision (TME) (40,41). This approach involves a sharp dissection of the mesorectum under direct vision, which allows the surgeon to preserve the integrity of the mesorectum from the pelvic brim to the level of the levator ani. Blunt dissection in the posterior plane is assiduously avoided to prevent dissemination of tumor cells in the pelvis. Precise identification of the pelvic autonomic nerves (including the hypogastric plexus) and the sacral nerve roots in the pelvis is required and allows maintenance of erectile and ejaculatory function in male patients and vaginal lubrication in response to sexual stimulus in women (42).

Accessory Glands Of Males

FIGURE 1 Male reproductive system of T. molitor, showing testes (T), ejaculatory duct (EJD), tubular accessory gland (TAG), and bean-shaped accessory gland (BAG). From Dailey, P. D., Gadzama J. M., and Happ, G. M. (1980). Cytodifferentiation in the accessory glands of Tenebrio molitor. VI. A congruent map of cells and their secretions in the layered elastic product of the male bean-shaped accessory gland. J. Morphol. 166, 289 322. Reprinted by permission of Wiley-Liss, Inc., a subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. FIGURE 1 Male reproductive system of T. molitor, showing testes (T), ejaculatory duct (EJD), tubular accessory gland (TAG), and bean-shaped accessory gland (BAG). From Dailey, P. D., Gadzama J. M., and Happ, G. M. (1980). Cytodifferentiation in the accessory glands of Tenebrio molitor. VI. A congruent map of cells and their secretions in the layered elastic product of the male bean-shaped accessory gland. J. Morphol. 166, 289 322. Reprinted by permission of Wiley-Liss,...

Primary Nursing Diagnosis

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) may be recommended for men with more advanced disease, especially if it is accompanied by symptoms of bladder outlet obstruction. This procedure is not a curative surgical technique for prostate cancer but does remove excess prostatic tissue that is obstructing the flow of urine through the urethra. The incidence of impotence following TURP is rare, although retrograde ejaculation (passage of seminal fluid back into the bladder) almost always occurs because of the destruction of the internal bladder sphincter during the procedure. Many men equate ejaculation with normal sexual functioning, and to some the loss of the ejaculatory sensation may be confused with the loss of sexual interest or potency. Also, a bilateral orchiectomy may be done to eliminate the source of the androgens since 85 of prostatic cancer is related to androgens.

Internal Male Reproductive Organs

The internal male reproductive organs consist of the epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate gland, ejaculatory ducts, and urethra. (See Figure 3.1.) The vas deferentia consist of two tubes that serve as sperm ducts. The vas deferentia actually look a lot like strands of spaghetti, but they serve as the pipes and plumbing works for sperm. They transport the mature sperm from the epididymis and into the pelvic cavity. Once inside the pelvic cavity, the vas deferentia pass over the bladder and eventually connects with the seminal vesicles to form the ejaculatory ducts. Just prior to ejaculation, the sperm are mixed with the seminal fluid. The seminal fluid is composed of secretions from the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. Ejaculatory Ducts The ejaculatory ducts are two short tubes that descend through the prostate and into the urethra. They are formed by the union of the vas deferens, the seminal vesicles, and an opening within the prostate. It is here that the...

Pelvic Plexus Inferior Hypogastric Plexus Pelvic Ganglion

Sympathetic fibres of the superior hypogastric plexus, the sacral sympathetic chain ganglia and parasympathetic fibres of the pelvic splanchnic nerves, as well as somatic afferents, feed into the pelvic plexus. This is the main coordinating centre for pelvic autonomic innervation. The main efferent branches are the vesical plexus with fibres for the urinary bladder and the seminal vesicles the prostatic plexus with fibres for the prostate, seminal vesicle, bulbourethral glands and ejaculatory ducts as well as cavernosal nerves for the cavernosal bodies the deferential plexus for the vas deferens the ureteric plexus for the pelvic ureter and the medial and inferior rectal plexus with fibres for the colon and external anal sphincter muscle.

Sexual Functioning

Using a questionnaire consisting of 24 items that assessed medical history, urinary function, and male sexual function. Three groups were surveyed those who had a pelvic fracture and received BIIAE (group 1), those who had a pelvic fracture and did not receive BIIAE (group 2), and a healthy control group (group 3). There were 16 subjects in each group. Items assessing male sexual function included subjective rankings of sexual drive, erection firmness, ejaculatory function, and overall sex life. Additionally, subjects were queried regarding how personally problematic they found their sex life. No differences for any of these items were found between the fracture groups. However, both group 1 and group 2 reported significantly lower scores for erectile function, sexual drive, and overall satisfaction with sexual life than the health control group. Furthermore, sexual function was perceived as personally more problematic in a higher proportion of both fracture groups than it was by the...

5 Secrets to Lasting Longer In The Bedroom

5 Secrets to Lasting Longer In The Bedroom

How to increase your staying power to extend your pleasure-and hers. There are many techniques, exercises and even devices, aids, and drugs to help you last longer in the bedroom. However, in most cases, the main reason most guys don't last long is due to what's going on in their minds, not their bodies.

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