Many investigators have examined the potential toxic effects of sodium hypochlorite over the last 90 years of topical use. Oral, intravenous and intraperitoneal dosing has been done in animals to characterize potential toxic-ity coupled with evaluation of topical toxicities and effects. Probably, the most significant information for practical use is the lack of irritation and sensitization after repeated topical applications under worst case conditions and occlusion.

As has occurred with many other antimicrobial ingredients, the tension and often conflicts between the results of in vitro and in vivo studies has been reviewed. One can conclude that effects found in the laboratory model do not always translate to the real life use of a product or formulation.

It is reassuring to survey the collected information about sodium hypochlorite and to find that the conclusions reached by Alcavis from the test of time over 60 years is supported and verified by the scientific testing accumulated over these years.

Alcavis has concluded that the sodium hypochlorite products they produce are safe for their labeled uses.

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