History And Exam

This 47-yr-old woman had presented with 4 months of increasing blurry vision in the right eye. Approximately 6 months prior she had resection of a right sphenoid wing meningioma that presented with headaches. Visual acuity at far was 20 30 OD and 20 25 OS. Ishihara color plates were 10.5 14 OD and 12 14 OS. There was an RAPD OD. Fun-doscopy showed mild temporal optic disk pallor OD. She had mild limitation of elevation and adduction OD.


A shows an example of the sheet. B shows how it might appear to someone with a parafoveal scotoma. C shows micropsic distortion due to macular edema, because the photoreceptors become more widely spaced. There may also be zones where lines are fragmented or disappear. D shows retinal macropsia related to chronic retraction and retinal scarring, reducing the spacing between photo-receptors. Both of these distortions indicate retinopathy, whereas scotomata occur with...