Causes of Confusion and Restlessness


Metabolic and systemic disorders

- Osmolality disorders

- Endocrine disorders

- Hepatic encephalopathy

- Metabolic disorders

- Renal disease

Infectious disorders

- Bacterial infections

- Rickettsial infections

- Viral infections


- Congestive heart failure

- Subarachnoid hemorrhage

- Embolic infarction

- Vasculitis and connective tissue disorders

- Migraine


- Substance abuse

- Prescription drugs

- Toxins


E.g., partial complex seizures, absence-type seizures

E.g., hyponatremia, hypoglycemia E.g., adrenal insufficiency, parathyroid and thyroid disorders

E.g., carnitine deficiency, urea cycle and pyruvate disorders

E.g., hypertensive and uremic encephalopathy

E.g., meningitis, cat scratch disease E.g., Lyme disease

E.g., herpes simplex, arboviruses, measles and postinfectious encephalitis, Reye's syndrome

E.g., panic disorder, schizophrenia

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