Replication Of Viruses

V Gregory Chinchar, Department of Microbiology,

University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Copyright © 1999 Academic Press reovirus, masses of granular material develop in areas scattered throughout the cytoplasm which eventually move toward the nucleus and coalesce, forming characteristic inclusions or 'viral factories'. These inclusions are easily identified with fluorescein-labeled antibodies against reovirus proteins; they represent the areas where viral assembly proceeds, and quasicrystalline arrays of reovirus particles are often associated with them. Microtubules appear to extend throughout these viral factories and appear to be covered with viral protein; in particular, proteins crl and |iNS possess affinity for elements of the cytoskeleton (CSK), which suggests that they may play a role in facilitating or mediating reovirus morphogenesis. However, microtubules per se are not essential, since colchicine does not inhibit reovirus multiplication or assembly. Like infection with all lytic viruses, reovirus infection causes progressive disruption of the CSK organization, but it is not known which reovirus protein(s) cause(s) this effect.

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