Future Perspectives

Parainfluenza viruses cause human suffering and economic losses. A better understanding about their replication and host-virus interactions is essential in order to combat the diseases caused by them. Progress in the basic knowledge of parainfluenza viruses was stymied due to constraints on the manipulation of negative-sense virus genome. With the success of reverse genetics for manipulation of these viruses, a surge of knowledge is expected. This approach will be helpful in the in-depth understanding of the replication strategies of parainfluenza viruses and in designing efficient antivirals and vaccines against them.

See also: Measles virus (Paramyxovlridae); Mumps virus (Paramyxovlridae); Newcastle disease virus (,Paramyxovlridae); Parainfluenza viruses (Paramyxovlridae) - Human; Respiratory syncytial virus - human (Paramyxovlridae); Rinderpest and distemper viruses (Paramyxovlridae); Sendai virus (Paramyxovlridae).

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