Of the 117 patients included in the study, 51 were randomized to receive GCSF and the remaining 66 were the control group.

Administration of GCSF significantly improved neutrophil recovery. The median time to achieve ANC >0.5 X 109/l was 10 days (range 7-14 days) in the GCSF group compared to 11 days (range 8-21 days) in the control group (p < 0.009).

ANC engraftment was quicker in the GCSF group irrespective of the number of CD34+ cells infused in the graft (Table 17.35).

Though early platelet engraftment was similar in both groups of patients (12 days), in patients who received >5 X 106/l of CD34+ cells, the use of GCSF was associated with a delayed late platelet engraftment. However, early- and long-term platelet engraftment in patients who received <5 X 106/kg CD34+ cells, were similar with or without GCSF (Table 17.35).

Platelet transfusions were significantly lower in the control group compared to the GCSF group (Table 17.36). No significant differences were seen with respect to red cell transfusions, antibiotic usage, total parenteral nutrition or duration of hospitalization between the two groups of patients.

Though the total costs were similar in both groups of patients, there was a trend towards higher costs in the GCSF group (€8146.82 versus €7873.34; p = 0.1) (Table 17.36).

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