Noncardiac toxicity

All 41 patients were assessable for non-cardiac toxicity as all had at least one cycle of chemotherapy. Transient elevations in AST after the first three cycles of VAdriaC was higher in the DXN group compared to the control group of patients (p = 0.001).

DXN group patients had grade 3 or worse thrombocytopenia, after cycle 1 (11/23 versus 3/18; p < 0.05), 5 (13/18 versus 2/11; p < 0.001) and 6 (9/14 versus 1/9; p < 0.001)and significantly lower platelet nadir after cycle 4 (42 X 109/l versus 112 X 109/l;p < 0.001) and cycle 6 (26 X 109/l versus 99 X 109/l; p < 0.05) but no significant differences in the ANC nadirs were seen.

No differences were seen between the two groups of patients, in the incidence of dose modifications for hepatic toxicity or hematological toxicities. Similarly no differences were observed in the incidence of mucositis or infections between the two groups of patients.

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