World Production And Trade

Beekeeping with modern movable-frame hives aims to maximize honey production, and wax production is suppressed by providing the bees with sheets of ready-built wax comb foundation in frames. In experiments in Egypt, wax production in modern hives was only 0.4 to 0.6% of honey production, whereas in traditional hives it was 9 to 11%.

Bees secrete beeswax more readily in hot than in cold climates, and most surplus beeswax is produced in those tropical regions where traditional hives are still used. According to export figures published in 1990, relating to the preceding decade, the three regions producing most beeswax annually were Asia, Central America, and Africa (15.9, 10.5, and 8.7 X 103 tonnes, respectively). Major importing countries (in 1984) were France, German Federal Republic, United States, and Japan.

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