Wax From Other Bees

Because the waxes of different species of social bees differ slightly, if A. mellifera wax is mixed with that of other bees, its characteristics are altered. Melting points have been reported as follows for wax from other species of honey bees: A. dorsata, 60°C; A. florea, 63°C; A. cerana, 65°C; stingless bees, Meliponinae: Trigona spp. (India), 66.5°C; T. beccarii (Africa), 64.6°C; T. denoiti (Africa), 64.4°C; and bumble bees, Bombus, 34—35°C. The temperature in a bumble bee nest is much lower than that in a honey bee nest.

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How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

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