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Acari see Mites; Ticks

Accessory Glands 1

Diana E. Wheeler

Acoustic Behavior see Hearing

Aedes Mosquito see Mosquitoes

Aestivation 3

Sinzo Masaki

Africanized Bees see Neotropical African Bees

Agricultural Entomology 4

Marcos Kogan and Ronald Prokopy

Alderfly see Megaloptera

Amber 9

George Poinar Jr.

Anatomy: Head, Thorax, Abdomen, and Genitalia 12

David H. Headrick and Gordon Gordh

Anopheles Mosquito see Mosquitoes

Anoplura see Phthiraptera

Antennae 26

Catherine Loudon

Ants 29

Nigel R. Franks

Aphids 32

John T. Sorenson

Apis Species 37

Eva Crane

Aposematic Coloration 39

Mathieu Joron

Apterygota 45

The Editors

Aquatic Habitats 45

Richard W. Merritt and J. Bruce Wallace

Arachnida see Scorpions; Spiders

Archaeognatha 57

Helmut Sturm

Arthropoda and Related Groups 59

James H. Thorp

Auchenorrhyncha 66

Christopher H. Dietrich

Autohemorrhage 74

The Editors

Autotomy 75

The Editors

Bee see Apis Species

Beekeeping 76

Eva Crane

Bee Products 82

Eva Crane

Beeswax 84

Eva Crane

Beetle see Coleoptera

Biodiversity 85

Nigel E. Stork

Biogenic Amines 91

Arnd Baumann, Wolfgang Blenau, and Joachim Erber

Biogeographical Patterns 94

Peter Zwick

Biological Control of Insect Pests 103

Bioluminescence 115

James E. Lloyd and Erin C. Gentry

Biotechnology and Insects 120

Bryony C. Bonning

Blattodea 123

Donald G. Cochran

Blood see Circulatory System

Blood Sucking 127

Body Size 130

Christer Bjorkman and Mats W Pettersson

Boll Weevil 132

R. Nelson Foster

Bombyx mori 133

Satoshi Takeda

Book Louse see Psocoptera

Borers 135

Timothy D. Paine

Brain and Optic Lobes 137

Nicholas J. Strausfeld

Bristletail see Archaeognatha

Bubonic Plague 147

Irwin W Sherman

Bumblebee see Hymenoptera

Butterfly see Lepidoptera

Caddisfly see Trichoptera

Caste 151

Sean ODonnell

Caterpillars 154

Frederick W. Stehr

Cat Fleas 156

Nancy C. Hinkle and Michael K. Rust

Cave Insects 158

Francis G. Howarth

Cell Culture 163

Dwight E. Lynn

Chemical Defense 165

Murray S. Blum

Chemoreception 169

B. K. Mitchell

Chiggers and Other Disease-Causing Mites 174

Larry G. Arlian

Chitin 179

Ephraim Cohen

Chromosomes 180

Graham C. Webb

Chrysalis 185

Frederick W. Stehr

Cicadas 186

Max S. Moulds

Circadian Rhythms 188

Terry L. Page

Circulatory System 192

Thomas A. Miller

Classification see Nomenclature and Classification

Cockroach see Blattodea

Cocoon 197

Frederick W. Stehr

Codling Moth 198

Stephen C. Welter

Coevolution 199

Douglas J. Futuyma

Cold/Heat Protection 204

David L. Denlinger

Coleoptera 209

James K. Liebherr and Joseph V. McHugh

Collection and Preservation 230

Charles V. Covell, Jr.

Collembola 235

Kenneth A. Christiansen and Peter Bellinger

Colonies 239

Sean ODonnell

Colorado Potato Beetle 242

George G. Kennedy

Coloration 244

Helen Ghiradella

Commercial Products from Insects 251

Michael E. Irwin and Gail E. Kampmeier

Conservation 260

Tim R. New

Crickets 265

Richard D. Alexander and Daniel Otte

Crypsis 269

Paul M. Brakefield

Cultural Entomology 273

James N. Hogue

Cuticle 281

Svend O. Andersen

Daddy-Long-Legs 283

Gonzalo Giribet

Damselfly see Odonata

Dance Language 284

P. Kirk Visscher

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

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