The cuticle of the Archaeognatha is generally thin and flexible and bears a multitude of sensory setae and other sensory organs. The hypopharynx (a mouthpart between maxillae and labium) is well developed. The coxal vesicles absorb fluids; their number varies from none to two within a coxite. In all machilid males, coxite IX bears the penis (length from — of the coxite to 1- in Machilidae, in Meinertellidae ca. — of the coxite length). In females, the paired gonapophyses on coxites VIII and IX form the ovipositor. It is of different length and has generally a specific chaetotaxy in each species.

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

Make money with honey How to be a Beekeeper. Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby or you can turn it into a lucrative business. The choice is yours. You need to know some basics to help you get started. The equipment needed to be a beekeeper. Where can you find the equipment you need? The best location for the hives. You can't just put bees in any spot. What needs to be considered when picking the location for your bees?

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