Inhibition Of Chitin Synthesis And Degradation

Because chitin is present in invertebrates (abundantly in arthropods) and absent from vertebrates and plants, it is a logical target for selective pest control. Acylurea compounds, discovered serendipitously by Dutch scientists in 1972, inhibit chitin synthesis, resulting in deformed and weak cuticles that cause molting failure and death by desiccation. Acylureas do not inhibit the catalytic step of polymerization, and their exact biochemical lesion is unresolved. It appears that the mode of action is associated with the process of chitin translocation from site of catalysis across cell membranes to the region of deposition and fibrillogenesis. The first commercial product reaching the market was diflubenzuron (Dimilin) (Fig. 3), which was followed by a large number of structurally similar bioactive molecules. The acylurea compounds, which act as insect growth regulators, are widely used in integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

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