Importance Of Endangered Insects

A rare and endangered species of insect is unlikely to determine the fate of a large ecological system, but as a group they may have a large effect. Ecosystem functions, such as the recycling of nutrients, often are done by specialists like the American burying beetle rather than generalists. There are innumerable specialized insects that feed on particular kinds of wood, dung, or carrion. For instance, the plates that cover the shells of tortoises are made of keratin, a protein few scavengers can digest. However, in Florida there is a moth, Ceratophaga vicinella, whose caterpillar appears to have specialized on a diet of dead gopher tortoise shells.

Endangered species also can play a linchpin role in small, specialized systems, such as caves, oceanic islands, or some pollinator—plant relationships. For example, many plant species rely on one or a few pollinators. Decreased abundance or loss of any of these pollinators can have dramatic consequences, especially if a plant depends on a single, obligate pollinator.

Some endangered species might provide useful products, such as new defenses against diseases and tools for studying various ecosystem or organismal processes, as well as direct material benefits. For instance, the conservation of several species of butterflies is helped by the market value of aesthetically pleasing specimens or of live specimens for butterfly houses that charge admission.

In addition to these material reasons for conserving endangered insects, we also have the responsibility of caring for the rich biological heritage we leave to future generations. At this time, we cannot begin to grasp the full value of biodiversity and, thus, it is in our best interest to be conservative.

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