Factors Delaying Invasion Of The Corpse

The initial invasion of the corpse by insects and other arthropods starts the clock that is ultimately interpreted to give the estimate of the time since death. The basic assumption underlying this is that the invasion occurs soon after death. In decomposition studies, fly activity begins as soon as 10 min after death, but there are factors that may delay this invasion. Invasion can be delayed by wrapping of the corpse or submersion in water. Adverse climatic factors such as cloud cover, temperature, and rainfall may inhibit adult fly activity. Darkness has long been believed to inhibit calliphorid activity, but nocturnal oviposition has been observed in Calliphoridae commonly associated with decomposing human remains in North America and Hawaii. In these instances, temperatures during oviposition were above 20°C. Although nocturnal activity and oviposition may be expected for some species in tropical habitats, it appears to be the exception rather than the rule in temperate regions. Clearly, care must be taken in forensic interpretations dealing with nocturnal activity of Calliphoridae.

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

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