Dinodal Bioregions

The overall agreement of the distribution of freshwater insects with terrestrial fauna is in line with the universal experience that freshwater bodies in many ways mirror the conditions in their catchments. This applies particularly to running waters that are largely allotrophic (i.e., depend on inputs of organic material from the environment), most obviously in that members of the shredder functional feeding group depend on dead leaves and other coarse organic material that only terrestrial inputs make available in streams. However, not all trophic groups are equally dependent on the terrestrial environment. Based on the presence of several endemic stream caddisflies in formerly glaciated or severely impacted areas in central Europe, swiftly and vehemently flowing streams (usually assigned to the arboreal biome) are believed to constitute a separate new biome, the dinodal, which would be largely independent of the biome in the catchment. (See work by Malicky, 1983.)

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

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