Ddt 288

Fumio Matsumura

Defensive Behavior 289

Justin O. Schmidt

Dengue 295

Thomas W Scott

Dermaptera 297

Susan M. Rankin and James O. Palmer

Development, Hormonal Control of 300

Michael E. Adams

Diapause 305

David L. Denlinger

Digestion 310

Walter R. Terra

Digestive System 313

Walter R. Terra and Clelia Ferreira

Diplura 323

Robert T. Allen

Diptera 324

Richard W Merritt, Gregory W. Courtney, and Joe B. Keiper

Diversity see Biodiversity

Division of Labor in Insect Societies 340

Gene E. Robinson

Dobsonfly see Megaloptera

Dog Heartworm 343

Edward G. Platzer

Dormancy 344

Dragonfly see Odonata

Drosophila melanogaster 345

Patrick M. O'Grady

Dung Beetles 348

James Ridsdill-Smith

Earwig see Dermaptera

Ecdysis see Molting

Ecdysteroids 352

Michael E. Adams

Eggs 355

Diana E. Wheeler

Egg Coverings 356

Diana E. Wheeler

Embiidina 358

Edward S. Ross

Embryogenesis 359

Lisa Nagy and Miodrag Grbit

Endangered Insects 364

Scott Hoffman Black and Mace Vaughan

Endopterygota 369

The Editors

Entomological Societies 369

Alan I. Kaplan

Ephemeroptera 373

John E. Brittain and Michel Sartori

Estivation see Aestivation

Evolution see Phylogeny

Excretion 380

Timothy J. Bradley

Exopterygota 387

The Editors

Exoskeleton 387

Svend O. Andersen

Extension Entomology 390

Nancy C. Hinkle, Beverly Sparks, Linda J. Mason, and Karen M. Vail

Eyes and Vision 393

Michael F. Land

Fat Body 407

Ephraim Cohen

Feeding Behavior 409

Reginald F. Chapman

Fire Ants 414

Les Greenberg

Flea see Siphonaptera

Flight 416

Michael Dickinson and Robert Dudley

Fly see Diptera

Folk Beliefs and Superstitions 426

James N. Hogue

Food, Insects as 431

Gene R. DeFoliart

Forensic Entomology 437

M. Lee Goff

Forest Habitats 442

David L. Wood and Andrew J. Storer

Fossil Record 455

David Grimaldi

Freshwater Habitats see Aquatic Habitats

Fruit Fly see Drosophila melanogaster

Gallmaking and Insects 464

Katherine N. Schick and Donald L. Dahlsten

Genetically Modified Plants 466

David A. Andow

Genetic Engineering 471

Peter W Atkinson and David A. O'Brochta

Genetic Variation 478

George K. Roderick

Grasshopper see Orthoptera

Grassland Habitats 481

Teja Tscharntke, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Andreas Kruess, and Carsten Thies

Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming, and Insects 486

Peter Stiling

Growth, Individual 489

Martin B. Berg and Richard W. Merritt

Grylloblattodea 492

Gypsy Moth 493

Joseph S. Elkinton

Hearing 498

Jayne Yack and Ron Hoy

Hemiptera see Auchenorrhyncha; Prosorrhyncha; Sternorrhyncha

Hemolymph 505

Michael R. Kanost

Heteroptera see Prosorrhyncha

Hibernation 508

History of Entomology 509

Edward H. Smith and Janet R. Smith

Homeostasis, Behavioral 519

P Kirk Visscher

Homoptera see Auchenorrhyncha; Sternorrhyncha

Honey 521

Eva Crane

Honey Bee see Apis Species

Honeydew 523

Thomas E. Mittler and Angela E. Douglas

Hornet see Wasps

Host Seeking, by Parasitoids 526

Ronald M. Weseloh

Host Seeking, for Plants 529

Elizabeth A. Bernays

House Fly 532

Gregory A. Dahlem

Hymenoptera 534

Donald L. J. Quicke

Hypermetamorphosis 546

John D. Pinto

Hyperparasitism 549

Daniel J. Sullivan

Imaginal Discs 552

Seth S. Blair

Immunology 555

Nancy E. Beckage

Industrial Melanism 560

Michael E. N. Majerus

Insecta, Overview 564

Vincent H. Resh and Ring T. Cardé

Insecticides 566

Fumio Matsumura

Insecticide and Acaricide Resistance 569

Gregor J. Devine and Ian Denholm

Insectivorous Plants 577

Lewis J. Feldman

Insectivorous Vertebrates 580

The Editors

Insect Zoos 582

Leslie Saul-Gershenz

Integrated Pest Management 589

Ronald Prokopy and Marcos Kogan

Integument 595

Svend O. Andersen

Introduced Insects 597

Daniel Simberloff

Island Biogeography and Evolution 602

George K. Roderick and Rosemary G. Gillespie

Isoptera 604

Vernard R. Lewis

Japanese Beetle 609

David W Held and Daniel A. Potter

June Beetles 610

Daniel A. Potter and David W Held

Juvenile Hormones 611

Michael E. Adams

Katydid see Orthoptera

Killer Bees see Neotropical African Bees

Lacewing see Neuroptera

Ladybugs 618

Michael E. N. Majerus

Larva 622

Frederick W Stehr

Learning 624

Daniel R. Papaj

Legs 627

Peter H. Adler

Lepidoptera 631

Jerry A. Powell

Lice see Phthiraptera

Lice, Human 664

Terri L. Meinking

Locusts 666

Reginald F. Chapman

Magnetic Sense 670

John Klotz and Rudolf Jander

Malaria 672

William K. Reisen

Mallophaga see Phthiraptera

Mantodea 675

Lawrence E. Hurd

Mantophasmatodea 677

Klaus-Dieter Klass

Marine Insects 679

Lanna Cheng

Mating Behaviors 682

Darryl T. Gwynne

Mayfly see Ephemeroptera

Mechanoreception 689

Andrew S. French and Paivi H. Torkkeli

Mecoptera 690

George W. Byers

Medical Entomology 693

John D. Edman

Medicine, Insects in 698

Ronald A. Sherman

Megaloptera 700

Norman H. Anderson

Metabolism 703

S. Nelson Thompson and R. K. Suarez

Metamorphosis 707

Frederick W. Stehr

Migration 708

Hugh Dingle

Mimicry 714

Mathieu Joron

Mites 726

Barry M. OConnor

Molting 733

Lynn M. Riddiford

Monarchs 739

Lincoln P. Brower

Mosquitoes 743

Bruce F. Eldridge

Moth see Lepidoptera

Mouthparts 750

Reginald F. Chapman

Movies, Insects in 756

May R. Berenbaum and Richard J. Leskosky

Musca domestica see House Fly

Muscle System 763

Robert Josephson

Museums and Display Collections 768

Gordon M. Nishida

Neosomy 775

Frank J. Radovsky

Neotropical African Bees 776

Orley R. Taylor

Nervous System see Brain and Optic Lobes

Nest Building 778

Robert L. Jeanne

Neuropeptides 782

Miriam Altstein

Neuroptera 785

Catherine A. Tauber, Maurice J. Tauber, and Gilberto S. Albuquerque

Nomenclature and Classification, Principles of 798

F. Christian Thompson

Nutrition 807

S. Nelson Thompson and S. J. Simpson

Ocelli and Stemmata 814

Frederick W Stehr

Odonata 814

K. J. Tennessen

Orientation 823

Orthoptera 827

Ovarioles 839

Diana E. Wheeler

Oviposition Behavior 841

Marc J. Klowden

Parasitoids 845

Nick Mills

Parental Care 848

Michelle Pellissier Scott

Parthenogenesis 851

Lawrence R. Kirkendall and Benjamin Normark

Pathogens of Insects 856

Brian A. Federici

Phasmida 865

Erich H. Tilgner

Pheromones 866

Ring T. Cardé and Jocelyn G. Millar

Phoresy 873

Marilyn A. Houck

Photography of Insects 875

Mark W Moffett

Phthiraptera 879

Ronald A. Hellenthal and Roger D. Price

Phylogeny of Insects 882

Peter S. Cranston and Penny J. Gullan

Physical Control of Insect Pests 898

Charles Vincent and Bernard Panneton

Phytophagous Insects 902

Elizabeth A. Bernays

Phytotoxemia 905

Alexander H. Purcell

Plant Diseases and Insects 907

Alexander H. Purcell

Plant-Insect Interactions 912

J. Mark Scriber

Plecoptera 915

Kenneth W. Stewart

Pollination and Pollinators 919

Gordon W. Frankie and Robbin W Thorp

Pollution, Insect Response to 926

David M. Rosenberg and Vincent H. Resh

Polyembryony 928

Michael R. Strand

Population Ecology 933

Joseph S. Elkinton

Praying Mantid see Mantodea

Predation/Predatory Insects 944

Ronald M. Weseloh

Prosorrhyncha 947

Carl W Schaefer

Protura 965

Robert T. Allen

Psocoptera 966

Edward L. Mockford

Pterygota 969

The Editors

Puddling Behavior 969

Scott R. Smedley

Pupa and Puparium 970

Frederick W Stehr

Reproduction, Female: Hormonal Control of 994

Diana E. Wheeler

Reproduction, Male 997

Marc J. Klowden

Reproduction, Male: Hormonal Control of 999

Marc J. Klowden

Research Tools, Insects as 1000

Kipling W Will

Respiratory System 1002

Jon F. Harrison

River Blindness 1007

Vincent H. Resh

Rostrum 1008

Reginald F. Chapman

Royal Jelly 1009

Eva Crane

Queen see Caste

Raphidioptera 973

Ulrike Aspock and Horst Aspock

Rearing of Insects 975

Norman C. Leppla

Recruitment Communication 980

James F. A. Traniello

Regulatory Entomology 988

Robert V. Dowell

Reproduction, Female 991

Diana E. Wheeler

Salivary Glands 1011

Gregory P. Walker

Scale Insect see Sternorrhyncha

Scales and Setae 1017

Shaun L. Winterton

Scorpions 1020

Stanley C. Williams

Segmentation 1025

Nipam H. Patel

Sericulture 1027

Satoshi Takeda

Sex Determination 1029

Michael F. Antolin and Adam D. Henk

Sexual Selection 1032

Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro

Silk Moth see Bombyx mori

Silk Production 1038

Catherine L. Craig

Silverfish see Zygentoma

Siphonaptera 1040

Michael W. Hastriter and Michael F. Whiting

Snakefly see Raphidioptera

Sociality 1044

James E. Zablotny

Soil Habitats 1053

Patricia J. Vittum Sound Production see Hearing

Spermatheca 1058

Marc J. Klowden

Spermatophore 1059

Marc J. Klowden

Spiders 1060

Rosemary G. Gillespie and Joseph C. Spagna

Springtail see Collembola

Stamps, Insects and 1073

Charles V. Covell, Jr.

Sterile Insect Technique 1074

Jorge Hendrichs and Alan Robinson

Sternorrhyncha 1079

Penny J. Gullan and Jon H. Martin

Stonefly see Plecoptera

Stored Products as Habitats 1089

Rudy Plarre and Wendell E. Burkholder

Strepsiptera 1094

Michael F. Whiting

Swimming, Lake Insects 1096

Werner Nachtigall

Swimming, Stream Insects 1098

Bernhard Statzner

Symbionts Aiding Digestion 1102

Andreas Brune

Symbionts, Bacterial 1107

Michael E. N. Majerus

Systematics see Nomenclature and Classification

Taste see Chemoreception

Taxonomy see Nomenclature and Classification

Teaching Resources 1113

John H. Acorn and Felix A. H. Sperling

Temperature, Effects on Development and Growth 1116

Frantisek Sehnal, Oldrich Nedved, and Vladimir Kost'dl

Termite see Isoptera

Terrestrial Insects see Soil Habitats

Thermoregulation 1119

Bernd Heinrich

Thrips see Thysanoptera

Thysanoptera 1127

Laurence A. Mound

Thysanura see Archaeognatha; Zygentoma

Ticks 1132

Daniel E. Sonenshine

Touch see Mechanoreception

Tracheal System 1142

Jon F. Harrison

Trichoptera 1145

John C. Morse

Tsetse Fly 1151

Stephen G. A. Leak

Urban Habitats 1157

Michael K. Rust

Venom 1160

Justin O. Schmidt

Veterinary Entomology 1163

Bradley A. Mullens


Communication 1167

Andrej Cokl and Meta Virant-Doberlet

Vision see Eyes and Vision

Vitellogenesis 1171

William H. Telfer

Walking and Jumping 1174

Roy E. Ritzmann and Sasha N. Zill

Walking Sticks see Phasmida

Wasps 1179

Justin O. Schmidt

Water and Ion Balance, Hormonal Control of 1183

Thomas M. Clark

Weevil see Boll Weevil

Wings 1186

Robin J. Wootton

Wolbachia 1192

Richard Stouthamer

Worker see Caste

Yellow Fever 1196

Thomas P. Monath

Yellowjacket see Wasps


Arthropod-Borne 1198

Robert S. Lane

Zoraptera 1201

Michael S. Engel

Zygentoma 1203

Helmut Sturm

Glossary 1207 Subject Index 1227

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