Coexistence Humans And Insects

Class Insecta has plagued and fascinated humans for all of their history. The most striking features of the Insecta are diversity and numerical superiority. Of the 5 to 30 million species estimated to compose the global flora and fauna, approximately 1.7 million have been named, more than half of them being insects. It is estimated that insects make up 75% of the known animal kingdom.

Because insects occupy almost every conceivable terrestrial niche, they interact with humans in countless ways that accord them status as "pests." This same diversity bestows on insects essential roles in the functioning of the biosphere as a sustainable biological system. Considering the countless interactions between humans and insects, it is not surprising that insects have become fixed in the fabric of human culture. They have become important components of our art, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion. In addition, insects are remarkable sources of knowledge, ideal models for the study of biological processes including genetics, physiology, and molecular biology.

Professional entomologists find challenge in our universities where they engage in teaching, in conducting research to advance knowledge, and in extension, applying knowledge to the solution of applied entomological problems. In addition to professional entomologists, amateur naturalists are drawn to the study of insects because of their form, color, and behavior. As the expanding human population continues its modification of the natural habitat, the interface between humans and insects will become more problematic.

Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

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