Cat Fleas

Nancy C. Hinkle

University of Georgia

Michael K. Rust

University of California, Riverside

Fleas are small (2 mm), dark, reddish brown, wingless, bloodsucking insects. Their bodies are laterally compressed (i.e., flattened side to side) and covered with many hairs and short spines directed backward, permitting forward movement through hairs on the host's body. Their hind legs are long and well adapted for jumping. Adult flea mouthparts are equipped for sucking blood from the host.

In North America, the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis felis, is the most common ectoparasite of dogs and cats. In tropical areas it is a year-round pest, whereas in temperate climates its season varies. Because they attack a range of warm-blooded hosts, including humans and pets, cat fleas are both a veterinary problem and a household pest.

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Bee Keeping

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