Capture And Preservation

Auchenorrhyncha are most commonly collected by sweeping vegetation with a heavy canvas net. Many species are also attracted to lights. Vacuum collecting is effective for collecting from dense grassy vegetation where many species reside. A gasoline-powered leaf blower fitted with a vacuum attachment can be used to suck the insects from dense vegetation. A fine-mesh insect net bag taped to the end of the intake nozzle will capture the specimens. Other effective collecting methods include Malaise trapping and insecticidal fogging of forest canopy. Auchenorrhycha may be killed in a standard insect killing jar containing potassium cyanide or ethyl acetate, or by freezing.

Specimens for morphological study are usually mounted dry on pins or point mounts. Point mounts should be glued to the right side of the thorax. To identify the species of a specimen, it is often necessary to examine the male genitalia. To do this, the abdomen is removed and soaked in 10% potassium hydroxide solution for several hours (or boiled in the same solution for a few minutes) to clear the pigment. The abdomen is then rinsed in clean water containing a small amount of glacial acetic acid, rinsed again in pure water, and immersed in glycerine. After examination, the cleared abdomen is stored in a glass or plastic microvial pinned beneath the rest of the specimen. Auchenorrhyncha may also be preserved indefinitely in 80 to 95% ethanol, but this causes some green pigments to fade to yellow.

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