Article Format

Each article in the Encyclopedia begins with an introductory paragraph that defines the topic being discussed and indicates its significance. For example, the article "Exoskeleton" begins as follows:

The exoskeleton is noncellular material that is located on top of the epidermal cell layer and constitutes the outermost part of the integument. The local properties and appearance of the exoskeleton are highly variable, and nearly all visible features of an insect result from the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton serves as a barrier between the interior of the insect and the environment, preventing desiccation and the penetration of microorganisms. Muscles governing the movements are attached to the exoskeleton.

Major headings highlight important subtopics that are discussed in the article. For example, the article "Flight" includes these topics: "Evolution of Flight"; "Aerodynamics"; "Neural Control"; "Energetics"; "Ecology and Diversity."

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