Africanized Bees

Neotropical African Bees seasonal cues; a high temperature and a long daylength (short nightlength) decelerate, and a short daylength (long night-length) and a low temperature accelerate the termination of diapause.

The optimal range of temperature for physiogenesis during summer diapause broadly overlaps with that for morphogenesis, or extends even to a higher range of temperature. Aestivating eggs of the brown locust, L. pardalina, can terminate diapause at 35°C and those of the earth mite, Halotydeus destructor, do this even at 70°C. The different thermal requirements for

FIGURE 2 Photoperiodic response in the noctuid M. brassicae controlling the pupal diapause at 20°C. Note the different ranges of photoperiod for the induction of summer diapause (dashed line) and winter diapause (solid line). [From Furunishi et al., 1982, reproduced with permission.]
Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping

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