Genetically Modified Foods Plant Genetic Engineer Prenatal Diagnosis Transgenic Organisms: Ethical Issues Lasse Lindahl

University of Maryland, Baltimore Ribozyme RNA David E. Loren

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Colon Cancer Dennis N. Luck Oberlin College Biotechnology Jeanne M. Lusher

Wayne State University School of Medicine; Children's Hospital of Michigan Hemophilia Kamrin T. MacKnight

Medlen, Carroll, LLP: Patent, Trademark and Copyright Attorneys Attorney Legal Issues Patenting Genes Privacy Jarema Malicki

Harvard Medical School Zebrafish Eden R. Martin

Duke Center for Human Genetics Founder Effect Inbreeding William Mattox

University of Texas/Anderson Cancer Center Sex Determination Brent McCown

University of Wisconsin Transgenic Plants Elizabeth C. Melvin

Duke Center for Human Genetics Gene Therapy: Ethical Issues Pedigree Ralph R. Meyer

University of Cincinnati Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, History of Chromosome, Eukaryotic Genetic Code Human Genome Project Kenneth V. Mills

College of the Holy Cross Post-translational Control Jason H. Moore

Vanderbilt University Medical School Quantitative Traits Statistical Geneticist Statistics Dale Mosbaugh

Oregon State University: Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology

DNA Repair Laboratory Technician Molecular Biologist Paul J. Muhlrad

University of Arizona Alternative Splicing Apoptosis Arabidopsis thaliana Cloning Genes Combinatorial Chemistry Fruit Fly: Drosophila Internet

Model Organisms Pharmacogenetics and Pharma-

cogenomics Polymerase Chain Reaction Cynthia A. Needham

Boston University School of




Transgenic Microorganisms R. John Nelson

University of Victoria Balanced Polymorphism Gene Flow Genetic Drift Polymorphisms Speciation Carol S. Newlon

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Replication Sophia A. Oliveria

Duke University Center for Human Genetics

Gene Discovery Richard A. Padgett

Lerner Research Institute RNA Processing Michele Pagano

New York University Medical Center Cell Cycle Rebecca Pearlman

Johns Hopkins University Probability Fred W. Perrino

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

DNA Polymerases Nucleases Nucleotide David Pimentel

Cornell University: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Biopesticides Toni I. Pollin

University of Maryland School of Medicine Diabetes Sandra G. Porter Geospiza, Inc. Homology

Eric A. Postel

Duke University Medical Center Color Vision Eye Color Prema Rapuri

Creighton University HPLC: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Anthony J. Recupero Gene Logic Bioinformatics Biotechnology Entrepreneur Proteomics Diane C. Rein

BioComm Consultants Clinical Geneticist Nucleus

Roundworm: Caenorhabditis ele-gans

Severe Combined Immune Deficiency

Jacqueline Bebout Rimmler

Duke Center for Human Genetics Chromosomal Aberrations Keith Robertson

Epigenetic Gene Regulation and Cancer Institute Methylation Richard Robinson Tucson, Arizona

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Antisense Nucleotides Cell, Eukaryotic Crick, Francis Delbrück, Max

Development, Genetic Control of DNA Structure and Function,

History Eubacteria Evolution of Genes Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium High-Throughput Screening Immune System Genetics Imprinting Inheritance Patterns Mass Spectrometry Mendel, Gregor Molecular Anthropology Morgan, Thomas Hunt Mutagen

Purification of DNA RNA Interferance RNA Polymerases Transcription Factors Twins

Watson, James Richard J. Rose

Indiana University Behavior Howard C. Rosenbaum

Science Resource Center, Wildlife Conservation Society Conservation Geneticist Conservation Biology: Genetic Approaches

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