Womens views of induction for postterm pregnancy

Regrettably, randomized trials give little information on women's views of induction versus conservative management. Only one trial assessed maternal satisfaction with induction of labour [75]. These authors showed that satisfaction was related to the eventual outcome of labour and delivery, rather than to the mode of onset of labour. Women's views are likely to be influenced by the local culture, by the attitude of their caregivers and by practical considerations such as the duration of paid maternity leave. Few obstetricians, midwives or childbirth educators are capable of giving women unbiased information about the risks of post-term pregnancy and the benefits and hazards of induction of labour. In a prospective questionnaire study of women's attitudes towards induction of labour for post-term pregnancy Roberts and Young [76] found that, despite a stated obstetric preference for conservative management, only 45% of women at 37 weeks' gestation were agreeable to conservative management if undelivered by 41 weeks. Of those undelivered by

41 weeks gestation 31% still desired conservative management. This significant decrease was unaffected by parity or certainty of gestational age. In a subsequent study, Roberts et al. [77] offered women a choice between induction and conservative management at 42 weeks. Forty-five per cent of women opted for conservative management.

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