The principles behind effective triage have hinged on the ABC approach to prioritizing casualties according to whether they have an airway (A) problem (which can lead to death within minutes if left untreated), through difficulties with breathing (B) to circulatory disorders (C). Although this can also be useful in obstetrics it doesn't always address the fact that there are two patients, the mother and the baby which may sometimes be a dilemma. Indeed there is little written about obstetric triage [3,4] and how to fit the fetus (F) into the equation. Clearly it is not as easy as ABCF and emergency care to save a baby may take priority over a less than life-threatening maternal condition. However, in most societies, a mother's life is given priority over that of an unborn baby and most importantly the fetus is best treated by adequate, rapid and effective resuscitation or stabilization of the mother anyway [5].

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Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

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