The gastrointestinal system

Taste often alters very early in pregnancy. The whole intestinal tract has decreased motility during the first two trimesters, with increased absorption of water and salt, tending to increase constipation. Heartburn is common from the increased intragastric pressure. Hepatic synthesis of albumin, plasma globulin and fibrinogen increases, the latter two sufficiently to give increased plasma concentrations despite the increase in plasma volume. Total hepatic synthesis of globulin increases under oestrogen stimulation, so the hormone-binding globulins rise. There is decreased hepatic extraction of circulating amino acids.

The gallbladder increases in size and empties more slowly during pregnancy but the secretion of bile is unchanged. Cholestasis is almost physiological in pregnancy and may be associated with generalized pruritus but only rarely produces jaundice. The cholestasis can also occur in users of oral contraceptives and postmenopausal hormone replacement.

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