Abortion is one of the most frequent but safest procedures in modern medicine. Complications and failure are not completely avoidable, but can be minimized by careful attention to detail at the pre-screening visit and with careful medical and surgical practice based on the available published evidence and guidelines. It is important that the gestation is accurately assessed. If prophylactic antibiotics are not used, infection screening including for STIs should be undertaken. For surgical procedures, sound aseptic techniques should be employed. The clinicians involved should be experienced and comfortable with the procedures which they perform. There should be a high index of suspicion for possible complications and the patient must have good access to clinical services for post-abortion advice and management of complications. Abortion is a necessary part of fertility control, but efforts aimed at improving accessibility and availability of emergency contraception and regular contraception should remain a sexual health priority.

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Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is over and done with, your baby is happily in your arms, and youre headed back home from the hospital, youll begin to realize that things have only just begun. Over the next few days, weeks, and months, youre going to increasingly notice that your entire life has changed in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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