Preterm labour

This is the major cause of neonatal death in multiple pregnancy. The median gestational ages at delivery in twins and triplets of 37 and 34 weeks, respectively, are not so much a concern in terms of survival, as the proportion delivering less than <30 weeks (c. 7 and 15%, respectively). Although plurality substantially increases the chance of preterm delivery, once in the neonatal unit an individual baby's prognosis is the same or better than gestational age- and weight-matched singletons [28]. Parents should be informed of the symptoms and signs of threatened preterm labour and the advisability of early presentation. Management of preterm labour in multiple pregnancies differs little from that of singletons, other than the consequences of prematurity affecting a greater number of babies. The following discussion concentrates on those aspects, which pertain especially to multiple pregnancy.

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Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

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