Pregnancy is responsible for marked changes in the urinary tract and consequently lower urinary tract symptoms are more common and many are simply a reflection of normal physiological change. Urine production increases in pregnancy due to increasing cardiac output and a 25% increase in renal perfusion and glomerular filtration rate.

Frequency of micturition is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy affecting approximately 60% in the first- and mid-trimester and 81% in the final trimester. Nocturia is also a common symptom although it was only thought to be a nuisance in 4% of cases. Overall frequency occurs in over 90% of women in pregnancy.

Urgency and urge incontinence have also been shown to increase in pregnancy. Urge incontinence has been shown to have a peak incidence of 19% in multiparous women whilst other authors have reported a rate of urge incontinence of 10% and urgency of 60%. The incidence of detrusor overactivity and low compliance in pregnancy has been reported as 24% and 31%, respectively. The cause of the former may be due to high progesterone levels whilst the latter is probably a consequence of pressure from the gravid uterus.

Stress incontinence has also been reported to be more common in pregnancy, with 28% of women complaining of symptoms although only 12% remained symptomatic following delivery. The long-term prognosis for this group of women remains guarded. Continent women delivered vaginally have been compared to those who had a cae-sarean section. Whilst there was initially a difference in favour of caesarean section this effect was insignificant by three months following delivery [19].

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Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

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