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Pregnancies of 294 days duration or more are defined as 'prolonged', 'post-dates', or 'post-term' [1]. Prolonged pregnancy is associated with an increase in perinatal mortality and morbidity in pregnancies which appear to be otherwise low risk. This chapter will show that many of the perinatal risks previously attributed to prolonged pregnancy increase in a continuous rather than a 'threshold' manner. Discussions about issues relating to prolonged pregnancy and interventions to prevent it often take place at 41 weeks' gestation. To cater for these clinical and epidemiological realities, the scope of this chapter has been expanded beyond the strict definition of prolonged pregnancy.

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is over and done with, your baby is happily in your arms, and youre headed back home from the hospital, youll begin to realize that things have only just begun. Over the next few days, weeks, and months, youre going to increasingly notice that your entire life has changed in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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