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Any surgical wound should be examined for evidence of infection and this is obviously important following

Caesarean section. Wound infection may manifest itself as a reddened, tender area, deep to the incision, which may be surrounded by induration. Treatment will depend on the extent and severity of the infection. If the infection is well localized it may discharge spontaneously or if an abscess has formed this may require incision and drainage. The use of broad spectrum antibiotics will be required and bacteriological specimens should be sent for examination. It is occasionally necessary to re-suture wounds after infection but often wounds will granulate from the base and heal spontaneously. The legs should always be inspected if a puerperal pyrexia is present because of the risk of thrombophlebitis and it may also be a sign of deep venous thrombosis. The breasts should be examined for signs of breast infection; breast abscess formation is very unusual until after the fourteenth post-natal day.

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