Organized intrapartum care

The senior sister in charge and the senior obstetrician on the delivery suite should work together as a team to co-ordinate clinical activity. The skills required to coordinate workload and staffing are multiple and often acquired over years; but if you recognize calm and control in those you work with, take a moment or two to try to define what they are doing differently and try to emulate these features:

• Keep your mind open to all the activity going on.

• Try to coordinate activity so that things happen in sequence and not all at the same time.

• Listen to your midwives' and doctors' concerns and address them;

• Prioritize according to risk (triage - see below).

• Get simple things done quickly, as once resolved they relieve staff.

• Do not defer decisions unnecessarily (work just builds up).

• Give each woman a carer with the appropriate skills to match the complexity of the clinical problem.

• Recognize if a doctor or midwife is out of their depth support them and encourage them to call for help.

• Regularly revisit women with risk factors to check the situation is not deteriorating (do not assume you will be called).

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