Management options

Following a diagnosis of fetal abnormality, the women should be referred for appropriate counselling regarding the nature of the abnormality, the possibility of therapy, and the probable outcome for the child. Further consultation with the relevant paediatric specialist may be indicated, especially where post-natal interventions are contemplated or where there is a major risk of serious handicap. Counselling should address the certainty of the diagnosis, the possible association with other anomalies and the associated risk of aneuploidy or other serious undiagnosed genetic syndromes. They also need to be advised of the prognosis for the fetus including perinatal morbidity including the risk of intrauterine death, the post-natal morbidity associated with the findings and the life expectancy for the child. Finally, they need to be counselled as to whether any curative or ameliorating procedures can be offered in the neonatal period, whether early delivery and what mode of delivery may be required and if any procedure could be offered while the fetus is in utero.

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