Extraamniotic saline infusion

The stimulatory effect of the extra-amniotic balloon catheter may be enhanced by infusion of normal saline into the extra-amniotic space at 50 ml/h. In a randomized study, extra-amniotic saline infused through a Foley catheter compared with vaginal misoprostol, 25 ^g 4-hourly was associated with shorter time to delivery, less frequent abnormal fetal heart rate tracings and less frequent tachysystole. There were no differences in the routes of delivery or neonatal outcomes. Oxytocin was used when necessary in both groups.

The limited data from randomized trials suggest that extra-amniotic saline infusion is an effective method of labour induction and may be safer than methods using exogenous uterine stimulants.

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

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