Cerebral palsy

Neonatal encephalopathy may be followed by the development of cerebral palsy, while other cases of cerebral palsy may occur following a clinically normal neonatal period. It is accepted that the presence of neonatal encephalopathy indicates that a neurological insult has taken place during labour or the early neonatal period, while its absence is thought to indicate an insult at some earlier time in pregnancy [31]. Gaffney et al. [32] examined the obstetric background of 141 children from the Oxford Cerebral Palsy Register. Forty-one children whose cerebral palsy was preceded by neonatal encephalopathy were compared with 100 who had not suffered from neonatal encephalopathy. The babies with neonatal encephalopa-thy were more likely to have been delivered at 42 weeks'

gestation or more (odds ratio 3.5; 95% CI 1-12.1). Babies born at 42 weeks or more to nulliparous women were at particular risk of this sequence of events (odds ratio 11.0; 95% CI 1.2-102.5).

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

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