Can an algorithm of predictive FHR patterns prevent moderatesevere fetal asphyxia

Although there is no Grade 1 definitive evidence that the benefits of EFM outweigh the harm, our experience would support the contention that this EFM algorithm used as a screening test can make a difference in the outcome of some cases.

The benefits of EFM as a screening test in the prediction and prevention of intrapartum fetal asphyxia derived from a decade of experience was examined in term and preterm pregnancies [30,31]. A predictive or potentially predictive FHR pattern was present in most cases. Intervention and delivery occurred in 98 of the 166 term pregnancies and 21 of the 24 preterm pregnancies. A predictive or potentially predictive FHR pattern was the indication for intervention in most cases.

This assessment paradigm did not prevent all cases of moderate or severe fetal asphyxia. However in some cases, prediction and diagnosis leading to intervention during the first or second stage of labour likely prevented the progression of mild to moderate or severe asphyxia and limited the severity of moderate asphyxia.

Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

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