Caesarean section

There is an increasing trend to Caesarean section with 59% of twins now delivered abdominally in the UK. Essentially the risks of vaginal delivery are increased in twins compared to singletons, as are the risks of Caesarean section [61]. A large international randomized trial is underway to resolve the optimal mode of delivery in twins. In the interim, it seems reasonable to offer women Caesarean section where otherwise suitable for vaginal delivery. This is based on (1) a high intrapartum section rate in twins, with evidence from other trials suggesting that maternal morbidity from elective section is comparable where the emergency rate exceeds one in three and (2) increasing recognition that the second twin has a chance of intrapartum-related death some five-fold higher than first twin or singletons [62]. Because the latter risk is not seen after Caesarean delivery, Smith et al. used Scottish national data to estimate that one death would be prevented every 264 Caesarean sections [63].

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

The first trimester is very important for the mother and the baby. For most women it is common to find out about their pregnancy after they have missed their menstrual cycle. Since, not all women note their menstrual cycle and dates of intercourse, it may cause slight confusion about the exact date of conception. That is why most women find out that they are pregnant only after one month of pregnancy.

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