Biophysical profile

Observational studies indicate that low biophysical scores identify babies at higher risk of adverse outcome [46]. However, evidence of ability to predict adverse outcome must not be interpreted as proof of the ability to prevent these outcomes.

A systematic review of four trials, comparing biophysical profile scoring (BPS) with other forms of antepartum fetal monitoring, yields insufficient data to show that the biophysical profile is better than any other form of fetal monitoring [47]. Only one of these randomized controlled trials deals specifically with prolonged pregnancy [40]. This trial compares monitoring of prolonged pregnancy using a modified biophysical profile score (consisting of computerized cardiotocography, AFI and the rest of the components of the conventional biophysical profile) with simple monitoring using cardiotocography and measurement of amniotic fluid depth [40]. The more complex method of monitoring post-term pregnancy is more likely to yield an abnormal result, but does not improve pregnancy outcome as evidenced by umbilical cord pH.

An observational study of biophysical profile scoring in the management of prolonged pregnancy showed that the 32/293 women who had abnormal biophysical profiles had significantly higher rates of neonatal morbidity, Caesarean section for fetal distress and meconium aspiration than the women with reassuring biophysical profiles [48]. A further observational study of 131 prolonged pregnancies showed that a normal biophysical profile score was highly predictive of normal outcome, but an abnormal test had only a 14% predictive value of poor neonatal outcome [49].

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