Women with DZ twins can be counselled that the chance of their pregnancy producing a child with Down's syndrome is theoretically double their age-related risk, whereas women with MZ twins simply have their age-related risk that both twins will be aneuploid. Nevertheless, there is some evidence that Down's syndrome may occur less frequently in twins [17,18]. Serum screening is inapplicable in multiple pregnancy, because aberrant placental or fetal hepatic hormone production in an affected twin is masked by normal levels from the unaffected co-twin. In contrast, nuchal translucency, although rarely used in isolation any more in singletons because of its high false positive rate, is readily applicable as a fetally-specific marker. Because the background rate of increased neckfolds is doubled in MC twins, the average of the twins' measurements is used to avoid high false positive rates [19].

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Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

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