Analgesia requirements

Abdominal pain is a common accompaniment to medical abortion. Analgesia requirements have been reported to be higher for women of younger age, higher gestation and longer-induction abortion interval, while women with a previous live birth(s) are less likely to use analgesia [31]. In a series of over 4000 women undergoing medical abortion up to 22 weeks' gestation, 72% used analgesia, the majority (97%) using oral analgesia and only 2.3% requiring intramuscular opiate [31]. The role of pre-emptive analgesia use needs to be evaluated, although the RCOG Guideline Group took the view that requirements for analgesia vary and there was no benefit for routine administration of a prophylactic analgesic. However, it is important that a range of oral and parenteral analgesics are available to meet women's needs.

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