Analgesia requirements

Abdominal pain is a common accompaniment to medical abortion. Analgesia requirements have been reported to be higher for women of younger age, higher gestation and longer-induction abortion interval, while women with a previous live birth(s) are less likely to use analgesia [31]. In a series of over 4000 women undergoing medical abortion up to 22 weeks' gestation, 72% used analgesia, the majority (97%) using oral analgesia and only 2.3% requiring intramuscular opiate [31]. The role of pre-emptive analgesia use needs to be evaluated, although the RCOG Guideline Group took the view that requirements for analgesia vary and there was no benefit for routine administration of a prophylactic analgesic. However, it is important that a range of oral and parenteral analgesics are available to meet women's needs.

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

The first trimester is very important for the mother and the baby. For most women it is common to find out about their pregnancy after they have missed their menstrual cycle. Since, not all women note their menstrual cycle and dates of intercourse, it may cause slight confusion about the exact date of conception. That is why most women find out that they are pregnant only after one month of pregnancy.

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